Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr Amit Jogi: Upclose and Personal

Posted by Atul

I was thinking to write this article since a long time. Finally I thought that the best time to publish it will be during Mr. Amit Jogi jee's birthday, hence penning it down today.
Disclaimer: All the views mentioned here are my personal and need not match with others. Comments are most welcomed but I request people not to start any debate of right or wrong in the comments section.

Mr. Amit Jogi (will be mentioned as Amit Bhaiya subsequently in this post) is a well known personality amongst the people of India both in positive and negative senses. I am sure that the people who know him personally will definitely regard him as their role model but the people who make decisions solely on the basis of media reports will perceive him as a villain.

My interaction with Amit Bhaiya has been for the past three years now. Though there has been a long personal and family relationship between Singhania family and the Jogi family, somehow I did not get a chance to interact with Bhaiya prior to 2006. When Uncle's (Mr Ajit Jogi's) govt was formed in November 2000, I was studying at Kota for IIT-JEE as hence had very occassional visits to Raipur that too for very short durations. After completing my studies at Kota, I moved to Bangalore for engineering and soon after that, Bhaiya's interrogation by the CBI and his judicial custody followed. At last, I got a chance to personally interact with Bhaiya for the first time in October 2006.

From the very beginning, through my family members (includes all from Singhania family and not just my family) and friends, who knew Bhaiya personally, I had come to know that Bhaiya is highly educated and a man of dignity. During Uncle's tenure as Chief Minister, I really appreciated his (Uncle's) administration skills (I am his die hard fan even now) and had the mental image in mind that even Bhaiya must be having the same qualities.

Then came 4th June' 2003 and all of a sudden, thanks to media, the entire world was after Bhaiya. I was shocked to see the newspaper when I woke up on the morning of 5th June' 2003 but had the self confidence that any such act was impossible to have been committed by Bhaiya. Post 4th Dec 2003, I saw many of the loyalists switching their sides (most of them due to the fear of being targeted by the new govt), but I did not even get any such thoughts for even a second in my mind. I was ready to face anything and everything for Bhaiya.

Came 1st July 2005: Bhaiya taken into custody by CBI and subjected to all the hardships for the next 10 months for a crime in which there was not a pinch of salt like involvement of him. I had my 4th semester engineering exams running during the same period and times were becoming difficult for me to concentrate on my studies and give the exams.

23rd Nov 2005: Uncle suffers heart attack. I could imagine Bhaiya's plight being unable to attend to Uncle at a time when he was needed the most. Had any other person been there instead of Bhaiya, he would have definitely lost his mental balance under that situation specially keeping in mind the kind of attachment which Bhaiya has with Uncle.

7th May 2006: Finally Bhaiya gets some relief. Granted bail by Bilaspur High Court. A moment of joy for all of us.

October 2006: My first interaction with Bhaiya, thanks to social networking sites. In the subsequent months we interacted a lot more. I was really impressed with the intelligence, down to earth nature and the compassion possessed by Bhaiya. My conscience proved to the whole world that what ever negative they talk about Bhaiya is a complete nonsense.

30 April 2007: "Bolt in the Blue". SC's shocker reached me as soon as I returned from college. I couldn't believe my ears so confirmed the news with many people. For the moment, I thought how can God be so cruel to Bhaiya. With my engineering final semester exams approaching in a week's time and everyday news coming about Bhaiya, along with the mental harrassment, also facing very harsh conditions in Jail during the peak Raipur summers, things were really bothering me and I was finding it really very hard to concentrate on my end semester exams.
This was the time when Remmish (Gupta) Bhaiya used to boost my morale during our regular telephonic talks telling me not to worry as nothing can happen to Bhaiya because God cannot do such a big injustice to such an innocent person. I wanted to visit Bhaiya in the Jail but my final exams had really tied up my hands.

31st May 2007: Most important day in Bhaiya's life. Final verdict was due later this day which would decide the rest of life for Bhaiya. My last paper of engineering due the next day (1st June 2007). A really tensed day for me too. Continuously praying to God since morning to give justice to Bhaiya. Couldn't have breakfast, lunch and couldn't open the book throughout the day due to completely tensed mind.
Finally comes 5 P.M. I get a call from Remmish bhaiya giving me the biggest news of the day - "Satyamev Jayate" - clean acquital of Bhaiya. I am overjoyed hearing the news. Finally Bhaiya proved the world that he was innocent and that IPC's law (A person is innocent till he is proven guilty) was not followed for this case.

14th June 2007: My first personal meeting with Bhaiya. The previous evening Bhaiya invited me for lunch. Had an excellent time with him. Got really impressed with the huge collection of books in his personal room. Got to know about him in detail. Found out Bhaiya as a person of integrity, a really sober and caring man. Words will fall short to describe him. It was really kind of Bhaiya to spend so much time with me in spite of such a busy schedule.

My next meetings with Bhaiya were on 3rd November 2007 and 25th Jan 2009 (I know it's a long gap but missed out meeting him during my Raipur visits in March 2008 and November 2008. The former because I had gone to Raipur to recover from my accidental injuries and the latter because of state elections due to which Bhaiya was awfully busy at Delhi).

10th April 2009: Came to Raipur from Bangalore for Bilaspur Lok Sabha elections and within hours of landing at Raipur, proceeded for Bilaspur. Bhaiya called me inside as soon as he saw me. I had a wonderful time that day at Bilaspur and it was a very good learning experience for me to see how election management is done. Bhaiya was taking back to back meetings with no gap even for a second in between. We had dinner at 3.30 A.M. and even after that Bhaiya was busy in preparations. I was exhausted by that time and so I slept. I had heard a lot about the tremendous potential of Bhaiya, but witnessed it from my eyes that day.

14th June 2009: Met Bhaiya to take his well wishes and blessings before joining MBA programme at NMIMS Mumbai.

By all my interactions with Bhaiya, one thing is cetain that people like Amit Bhaiya are very difficult to find - in fact one in thousands. Highly educated, a good writer, a poet, a true friend i.e in short a complete all rounder. I really pity those people who do not know about Bhaiya anything but have formed all wrong images about him based on what media says. And the worst part is that such people further spread such wrong messages to others (I have personally encountered 2-3 such people in trains from Bangalore to Raipur). The hardships which Bhaiya faced have made him all the more stronger and giving him a true exposure of how different people are. No other person could have borne such extremeties of life and come out victorious. It's all due to Bhaiya's strong will power (a quality which he has inherited from Uncle and Aunty).

Through Amit Bhaiya, I have got a mentor like Shailesh jee, elder brothers like Amit Tiwari bhaiya, Remmish bhaiya, Sachin bhaiya, Dr Saibel, Monty Bhaiya, Rohit bhaiya, Rajeev bhaiya etc and younger brothers like Sameer, Karan etc. I am really lucky to have got so many caring people around me.
What ever the whole world may say, I will always be standing beside Bhaiya through thick and thin. Even though most of the times I am personally not present at Raipur, but I am always there in spirits (the testimonial written by Bhaiya for me on orkut testifies this).

I wish Bhaiya a very Happy Birthday today and hope that the coming year sees him reaching new heights in his newly started law practice. I have tried my best to describe you Bhaiya but as I have said earlier also, even one complete book is insufficient to write about you. Please accept this small effort from my side.
Waiting for your Mumbai arrival sometime so that we can spend time together here too.

Always yours,


Rajeev Sahu said...

Very well written Atul !!!
These are not simply words but your true feelings from the bottom of your heart. We all along U share a different point of view about Jogi family and that's why have so much of love and respect for them. But I m proud to say that Yours is unmatched.

Namit Kothari said...

Very nice expression of your views.

Anuj Singhania said...

Very well written atul.. really u have described about Amit bhaiya and his qualities very well...

Awasthi.S said...

योग्यता और विनम्रता जोगी और सोलोमन परिवार की विशेषता रही है.
सत्य लिखा अतुल तुमने....

Anonymous said...
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