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Corruption From Power: Rethinking Macbeth

Posted by Rebellious Indians

Quote from Macbeth; 3.4
"Blood will have blood"

Macbeth is perhaps one of the most well known fictional characters for abuse of power and being a corrupt leader. He started out as a loyal thane but was eventually murdered by those he had originally held dearly. Although he became extremely powerful man, he was not virtuous one. To fulfil his ambitions he had innocent people murdered, including some of his own friends in paranoia of losing his power. Some examples of this would be when he had Macduff's family killed when Macduff fled, and when he had his own best friend Banquo, killed.....

Joseph Stalin

"What was wrought in this transformation? How had a provincial, comparatively insignificant member of a small, unsuccessful group of journalists and persecuted political conspirators- which the Bolsheviks mostly were before the first world war become one of the mot powerful and merciless dictators in history, a dictator who's name and image would saturate every field of Soviet endeavor?"

Joseph Stalin was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee. He was considered both a monster as well as a revolutionary for today's Russia. After the previous leader, Lenin's death in 1924 he eventually became the new leader of the U.S.S.R.

When Stalin came into power, he immediately launched a command economy, which replaced the New Economic Policy of the 1920's with his Five Year Plans, which included 13 plans to help modernize the Soviet Union and its economy. It created rapid industrialization and economic collectivization. This however, caused a famine causing many people to die from starvation. Eventually, he launched the Great Purge, which was the execution of millions of Soviet people which he saw as a threat.

Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany in 1939 and they invaded many countries. After Hitler broke their pact, he helped take Germany out although he ended up causing the Cold War.

Stalin died at the age of 74 in 1953. Officially, the cause of his death was reported as cerebral hemorrhage but it has been suggested that he was assassinated. After Stalin's death, Nikita Khrushchev took his place and initiated the period known as de-Stalinization.

Connections To Macbeth

-Stalin means "man of steel" and Macbeth means "son of life", and although the names may differ, there are similar personality traits such as being paranoid, obsessive etc
-Started the purges/terror, 20 million arrested, 7 million shot and millions more died or languished in camps. It's very similar to Macbeth as he eliminated threats and those who opposed him.
-In the Nazi-Soviet Non-aggressive pact there was a secret protocol allowing Stalin to retake the Polish, Ukrainian, and the Baltic Territories that were lost in 1918. This showed the desire for unquenchable power, similar to Macbeth not allowing things to follow their natural course, but instead taking the throne through power.

Julius Caesar

Throughout history, there have been several leaders that stand out for their malicious dictatorships and ruthless methods. Julius Caesar is without a doubt one of the most corrupt leaders that has existed throughout time. He had an unquenchable lust for power and would stop at nothing to achieve more.

Little is known about Caesars childhood, but he was raised under the belief he was a direct descendant from the legendary Trojan prince Aeneas, who was supposedly the son of the goddess Venus. He was also from a patrician family, which gave him the belief it was his right to politics and in turn, the Roman Empire.

During his political career, Caesar was governor of Cisalpine Gaul and two other Roman provinces for a period of nine years. In 38 BC he wanted to run for the highest spot in office that the Roman Republic offered. He served as Roman Consul, and when he did he trampled on the rights and powers of the Roman state in order to have new laws passed. He eventually made an alliance with two of the most powerful men at the time, Pompey and Crassus to strengthen his position. They became known as "the triumvirate" (ruling group of 3). Caesar did not care when the rest of the senate stopped supporting him, as with his alliance he could run the government as he pleased while they secretly gained power.

"Together they controlled the public business, granting to themselves or obtaining from one another what they desired..." -Historian Dio Cassius

Using his power, Caesar became governor of 3 provinces, giving him a massive army which he used to conquer all of Gaul (region that included much of present day Belgium and France). As he lead his army, they forced the surrender of as many of 800 cities and 300 Gallic tribes. His political enemies in Rome were extremely jealous of his success but also fearful of his power. The senate then demanded that Caesar give up his army before he could run in the election again. Instead, he chose to invade Roman Italy at the head of his troops, committing an act of treason and starting a civil war. Caesar single handedly led Rome into a civil war full of bloodshed that would affect Rome forever.

"everyone complains ... people all agree ... but no one knows what to do. If we resist there will probably be bloodshed." -Cicero

Connections to Macbeth:

-Broke off engagement when he was a teen to marry a girl, (Cornelia) to improve his standing in Rome and also became the high priest of the Roman religion as he knew that it would greatly advance his political career, similar to Macbeth doing things to get closer to being king.
-Achieved a high level of success but desired even more
-Him and alliances secretly gained power which relates to Macbeth in the way that Macbeth secretly was having people killed off that were seen as a threat.
-He married 18 year old Calprunia, the daughter of the wealthy nobleman Calpurnius Piso. He also arranged for her father to be elected as consul the next year. (Similar to Macbeth strengthening alliance with witches for power)
-He accepted opportunities that would help him gain more glory
-Motivated by selfishness
-Both committed treason, Macbeth by murdering Duncan, Caesar by invading Roman Italy

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a nationalistic leader that is considered by some to be one of the most corrupt leaders in history. Hitler was born in Austria in 1889, and it's said that he showed corrupt qualities from a young age. In his youth, he enjoyed practicing his speeches and took an interest to politics as His passion was art, but after he was rejected from Vienna's Fine Art School he dove into politics and even joined Germany's army.

Eventually, Hitler became the leader of the NAZI (National Socialist German Workers) Party. At this time, he immediately began the takeover which would result in war and a genocide. He was a leader that had bad intentions from the beginning, and he demonstrated this is his book Mein Kampf, which discussed his anti-Semitic ideas. People who were seen as a threat, or did not fit his ideals were to be killed off. He used a range of social organizations and professional societies which got thousands of German people involved in NAZI thinking. There were groups such as Hitler Youth for Boys, and the League of German Maidens for girls. At this point, Germany was considered a Fascist state, meaning that in their view, race and genetics determined a person's worth. Fascism thrives on conquest and war, causing people to believe they had a right to invade weaker countries, destroy governments and enslave innocent people.

"To say that Hitler was ambitious scarcely describes [his] ... lust for power and ... craving to dominate." -Alan Bullock

Hitler proceeded to go along with his "Final Solution" which included the genocide of the Jewish people among other people which were not seen as pure (homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses etc). One of his favourite themes was that Germany required more living space. As the Holocaust went on, Hitler's judgement became increasingly erratic and Germany's military and economic position quickly deteriorated. The Soviet Union gained power as it had the biggest army and had powerful alliances which overtook Hitler and the German army. Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 when the Soviet army was close. He shot himself in the mouth while biting into a cyanide capsule. His body, as well has his mistress (Eva Braun) were put into a bomb crater and covered in gasoline and set afire.

Connections to Macbeth:

-Both were extremely ambitious for gaining power
-Shared the enjoyment for killing people and hatred of people
-Both started out low without plans of becoming so powerful and overruling the government. Macbeth was happy being a thane and serving the king, where Hitler was passionate about becoming an artist
-Both served for their country before becoming the ruler. (Hitler joined Germany's army, Macbeth along with Banquo served the Scottish army.)
-Both were too stubborn and thought too much of themselves to just surrender, instead they would rather commit suicide or be killed.

"I'm not going to surrender and have to kiss the ground in front of Malcolm, or be taunted by the common people." -Macbeth Act 5

Awasthi Namit

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Mr Amit Jogi: Upclose and Personal

Posted by Atul

I was thinking to write this article since a long time. Finally I thought that the best time to publish it will be during Mr. Amit Jogi jee's birthday, hence penning it down today.
Disclaimer: All the views mentioned here are my personal and need not match with others. Comments are most welcomed but I request people not to start any debate of right or wrong in the comments section.

Mr. Amit Jogi (will be mentioned as Amit Bhaiya subsequently in this post) is a well known personality amongst the people of India both in positive and negative senses. I am sure that the people who know him personally will definitely regard him as their role model but the people who make decisions solely on the basis of media reports will perceive him as a villain.

My interaction with Amit Bhaiya has been for the past three years now. Though there has been a long personal and family relationship between Singhania family and the Jogi family, somehow I did not get a chance to interact with Bhaiya prior to 2006. When Uncle's (Mr Ajit Jogi's) govt was formed in November 2000, I was studying at Kota for IIT-JEE as hence had very occassional visits to Raipur that too for very short durations. After completing my studies at Kota, I moved to Bangalore for engineering and soon after that, Bhaiya's interrogation by the CBI and his judicial custody followed. At last, I got a chance to personally interact with Bhaiya for the first time in October 2006.

From the very beginning, through my family members (includes all from Singhania family and not just my family) and friends, who knew Bhaiya personally, I had come to know that Bhaiya is highly educated and a man of dignity. During Uncle's tenure as Chief Minister, I really appreciated his (Uncle's) administration skills (I am his die hard fan even now) and had the mental image in mind that even Bhaiya must be having the same qualities.

Then came 4th June' 2003 and all of a sudden, thanks to media, the entire world was after Bhaiya. I was shocked to see the newspaper when I woke up on the morning of 5th June' 2003 but had the self confidence that any such act was impossible to have been committed by Bhaiya. Post 4th Dec 2003, I saw many of the loyalists switching their sides (most of them due to the fear of being targeted by the new govt), but I did not even get any such thoughts for even a second in my mind. I was ready to face anything and everything for Bhaiya.

Came 1st July 2005: Bhaiya taken into custody by CBI and subjected to all the hardships for the next 10 months for a crime in which there was not a pinch of salt like involvement of him. I had my 4th semester engineering exams running during the same period and times were becoming difficult for me to concentrate on my studies and give the exams.

23rd Nov 2005: Uncle suffers heart attack. I could imagine Bhaiya's plight being unable to attend to Uncle at a time when he was needed the most. Had any other person been there instead of Bhaiya, he would have definitely lost his mental balance under that situation specially keeping in mind the kind of attachment which Bhaiya has with Uncle.

7th May 2006: Finally Bhaiya gets some relief. Granted bail by Bilaspur High Court. A moment of joy for all of us.

October 2006: My first interaction with Bhaiya, thanks to social networking sites. In the subsequent months we interacted a lot more. I was really impressed with the intelligence, down to earth nature and the compassion possessed by Bhaiya. My conscience proved to the whole world that what ever negative they talk about Bhaiya is a complete nonsense.

30 April 2007: "Bolt in the Blue". SC's shocker reached me as soon as I returned from college. I couldn't believe my ears so confirmed the news with many people. For the moment, I thought how can God be so cruel to Bhaiya. With my engineering final semester exams approaching in a week's time and everyday news coming about Bhaiya, along with the mental harrassment, also facing very harsh conditions in Jail during the peak Raipur summers, things were really bothering me and I was finding it really very hard to concentrate on my end semester exams.
This was the time when Remmish (Gupta) Bhaiya used to boost my morale during our regular telephonic talks telling me not to worry as nothing can happen to Bhaiya because God cannot do such a big injustice to such an innocent person. I wanted to visit Bhaiya in the Jail but my final exams had really tied up my hands.

31st May 2007: Most important day in Bhaiya's life. Final verdict was due later this day which would decide the rest of life for Bhaiya. My last paper of engineering due the next day (1st June 2007). A really tensed day for me too. Continuously praying to God since morning to give justice to Bhaiya. Couldn't have breakfast, lunch and couldn't open the book throughout the day due to completely tensed mind.
Finally comes 5 P.M. I get a call from Remmish bhaiya giving me the biggest news of the day - "Satyamev Jayate" - clean acquital of Bhaiya. I am overjoyed hearing the news. Finally Bhaiya proved the world that he was innocent and that IPC's law (A person is innocent till he is proven guilty) was not followed for this case.

14th June 2007: My first personal meeting with Bhaiya. The previous evening Bhaiya invited me for lunch. Had an excellent time with him. Got really impressed with the huge collection of books in his personal room. Got to know about him in detail. Found out Bhaiya as a person of integrity, a really sober and caring man. Words will fall short to describe him. It was really kind of Bhaiya to spend so much time with me in spite of such a busy schedule.

My next meetings with Bhaiya were on 3rd November 2007 and 25th Jan 2009 (I know it's a long gap but missed out meeting him during my Raipur visits in March 2008 and November 2008. The former because I had gone to Raipur to recover from my accidental injuries and the latter because of state elections due to which Bhaiya was awfully busy at Delhi).

10th April 2009: Came to Raipur from Bangalore for Bilaspur Lok Sabha elections and within hours of landing at Raipur, proceeded for Bilaspur. Bhaiya called me inside as soon as he saw me. I had a wonderful time that day at Bilaspur and it was a very good learning experience for me to see how election management is done. Bhaiya was taking back to back meetings with no gap even for a second in between. We had dinner at 3.30 A.M. and even after that Bhaiya was busy in preparations. I was exhausted by that time and so I slept. I had heard a lot about the tremendous potential of Bhaiya, but witnessed it from my eyes that day.

14th June 2009: Met Bhaiya to take his well wishes and blessings before joining MBA programme at NMIMS Mumbai.

By all my interactions with Bhaiya, one thing is cetain that people like Amit Bhaiya are very difficult to find - in fact one in thousands. Highly educated, a good writer, a poet, a true friend i.e in short a complete all rounder. I really pity those people who do not know about Bhaiya anything but have formed all wrong images about him based on what media says. And the worst part is that such people further spread such wrong messages to others (I have personally encountered 2-3 such people in trains from Bangalore to Raipur). The hardships which Bhaiya faced have made him all the more stronger and giving him a true exposure of how different people are. No other person could have borne such extremeties of life and come out victorious. It's all due to Bhaiya's strong will power (a quality which he has inherited from Uncle and Aunty).

Through Amit Bhaiya, I have got a mentor like Shailesh jee, elder brothers like Amit Tiwari bhaiya, Remmish bhaiya, Sachin bhaiya, Dr Saibel, Monty Bhaiya, Rohit bhaiya, Rajeev bhaiya etc and younger brothers like Sameer, Karan etc. I am really lucky to have got so many caring people around me.
What ever the whole world may say, I will always be standing beside Bhaiya through thick and thin. Even though most of the times I am personally not present at Raipur, but I am always there in spirits (the testimonial written by Bhaiya for me on orkut testifies this).

I wish Bhaiya a very Happy Birthday today and hope that the coming year sees him reaching new heights in his newly started law practice. I have tried my best to describe you Bhaiya but as I have said earlier also, even one complete book is insufficient to write about you. Please accept this small effort from my side.
Waiting for your Mumbai arrival sometime so that we can spend time together here too.

Always yours,

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Now It's High Time

Posted by Annuj Singhania

The reason for writing this post is that now it is high time. When the BJP government and Mr. Raman Singh cannot protect their own policemen, then they don’t have the right to be in the power. It was a big shock and a matter of sorrow that the naxalites in Rajnandgaon made an attack and our Superintendent of Police Mr. V.K. Choubey lost his life in that attack. Mr. V.K. Choubey had served the state for such a long time and it was a great shock for all of us.
The question to be asked from Mr. Chief Minister is that what step he has taken during the past 6 years to remove the naxalite problem for our state? If we search for the answer, we can surely say that the government is a big failure in dealing with the naxalite problem. From the past 6 years the naxalite attacks have been drastically increased and the government just merely gives false promises to the people that they will strictly penalize the criminals who have done this. In the state during the congress’ rule, no such big attack took place, which tells us that how good Mr. Ajit Jogi’s administration was. The BJP government has not been able to put control on these sort of attacks and they are just escaping from the questions which were raised in Vidhansabha regarding the naxalite problem.
The Chief Minister should resign from the post as he has not been able to put control on these sorts of major issues. When the government cannot protect their policemen, how will they protect the common people of the state. The President’s rule should be imposed on state as after the naxalite attacks, BJP has lost the right to remain in power.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Posted by Annuj Singhania

The whole nation was waiting for 16th May, 2009. The waiting is over now. People have given their verdict and they have again chosen “Singh” as their “King”.
UPA and its allies have gained the majority and this is truly a win of the people of our country. The work which the UPA government did in the past five years has been appreciated by the people and the people have awarded the government by giving them this reward. Most of the channels predicted on exit poll that this time none of the alliance will gain the majority. A lot of support from the other small parties will be required for forming the government. But UPA proved the exit poll wrong. UPA won 259 seats in which 205 seats are of Congress only. The Youth Brigade of Mr. Rahul Gandhi proved that now the time is of youth leaders. Many of the youths were given the tickets and they proved this decision right by winning the seats of their region. In Delhi the Congress swept all the 7 seats and also won all the seats of Mumbai region. The revival of Congress occurred in Uttar Pradesh and the party won 20 seats in UP. The government also did very well in the states of Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The youths specially got energized this time. The UPA did many of the works which led them to victory. Some of the works which UPA did in their tenure are listed below.

1)National Rural Employment Guarantee Bill
2) National Rural Health Mission
3) Prarambhik Shiksha Kosh/ Sarva shiksha Abhiyan
4) Domestic Violence Act, 2005
5) National Tribal Policy
6) National Environment Policy,
7) Bharat Nirman
8)National Urban Renewal Mission
9) Right To Informantion Act
10) Initiatives in Panchayati Raj
11) Maintaining Communal Harmony
12) Transformation of the RAILWAYS
13) Indo- US Nuclear Deal
14)Major Administrative Reforms
15) National Project for Repair, Renovation and Restoration of Water Bodies
16)Special Economic Zones
17)Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna

These works were really appreciated by people. Many of the leaders of opposition called our Honorable Prime Minister as a weak person but Mr. Singh proved that he is indeed the King. The Congress performance this time has been its best since the past two decades. Really Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Priyanka Vadra by their work proved the tag line “Aam admi ke badhte kadam, har kadam pe bharat buland” to be very true. JAI HO…

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Deteriorating Condition of our Chhattisgarh

Posted by Annuj Singhania

Our state of Chhattisgarh was formed on 1st of November, 2000. Since then we have seen vast amount of changes in our state. In the first three years of its creation, the state got very well developed. Many of the big decisions regarding the development of state were taken during those three years. The state got fame in India also.
But the conditions are changing these days. The condition of our state is deteriorating these days. Here I am discussing some of the important issues which are responsible for it.

The first issue is the state government’s declaration of providing rice to the poor people in Rs.3/kg. We are not against the benefits given to the poor and needy people. But it has affected our state very much. The people think that they are getting the food in such cheap cost, then why to do laborious jobs for a small amount of salary. They are tending towards the path of crime. The crime has been drastically increased in these five years, than it was during the government when Shri Ajit Jogi was the Chief Minister of state. Moreover 20% of people didn’t receive the rice also. They were duped by the government.

Many of the tehsils of the state have been declared dry. They are suffering from drought. But the state government is not taking any step towards its improvement.

The international cricket stadium of our state was inaugurated in August. But it’s been known that it was so much hype. It was a stunt of the state government for getting votes in the Vidhan Sabha elections. The stadium’s construction was not yet finished and the government inaugurated it. Moreover its tender was passed during the session of congress government in state.

A sort of terror has been created in the hearts of people these days. They fear to go out of their houses. They have a fear that anybody can harm them or rob them. The incidents of mishap with women have also increased in these five years. The people during the congress’ government didn’t have any such sort of fear among them.

The tag line of the government “Vikas ka Vaada, Majboot irada” seems to be stupid. The question to be asked is that- “kya vikas kiya hai sarkar ne hamare rajya ka?” The answer is “kuch bhi nahi.” The government has not been able to build up the Amanaka overbridge in 5 years. The roads were developed just before the elections and the quality of construction is out. Most of the roads of Raipur and Bhilai regions are undeveloped. They look for development only during the time of elections.

The government is not able to put a control on the road accidents too. Some days ago, the car of one of the ministers of the state hit a two wheeler on the Mana airport road. The car was over speeding at the VIP Road – Mana airport turning and thus hit the two wheeler injuring two people. Jahan par sarkar ke mantri aisa kaam karenge, us rajya ka kya hoga. Rajya me jitney bhi auto rickshaws aur buses bina traffic rules ki parwah kiye ghoom rahi hai, unke khilaaf bhi sarkar ne koi kadam nahi uthaya hai. Jahan tak kanoon hai ki auto drivers ko uniform me aur saath me RTO ki certificate aur meters lagana compulsory hai, lekin yahan position toh kuch aur hi hai. Bus wale betahasha speed mei chalate hain aur kai logon ko kuchal dete hain. Auto and buses jahan man aaye wahan rok dete hain sawari bharne ke liye jiski wajah se traffic bhi bahut jam hota hai and accidents bhi bahut hote hain. Police bhi sarkar ki aad me kuch nahi kar rahi hai. Many of the cars on which VIP is written break the traffic signals, but the police and government are doing nothing. The car of one of the MLA’s of BJP was roaming in Raipur, in which number plate was not present but his region’s name was written in big letters. Jahan par sarkar ke vidhayak aur mantri aisa kaam karenge, us rajya ka kya hi vikas hoga.

These are just some of the mere issues. The change is in the hands of people. It’s in our hands whether we want to remain like that only or remove these worse aspects of the state. The development can be made only by a single thing. The most auspicious and respectable party which is present in India since 125 years can improve the conditions of our state. The Chief Minister has to be a strong and decision taking person and these qualities are missing from our present Chief Minister. Chhattisgarh badly needs a strong, bold and long visionary person like Mr. Ajit Jogi as its Chief Minister. It’s truly in our hands to improve the deteriorating condition of our state.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

करे कोई, भरे कोई

Posted by Jayshree varma

देखिए, हमारे देश के राजनेताओं को और जनता को। ये राजनेता अपने मतलब के लिए जनता को बहकाते है और ये बेवकूफ लोग उनकी बातों को मानकर भावुक बन जाते है। राजनेता तो आग लगाकर अपने-अपने महलों में आराम से सो जाते है और उनके इस लोमडियापन की किंमत बेचारी जनता चुकाती है। बात है गत सोमवार यानि २७ अक्टूबर की। इस दिन राहुल राज नामक एक बिहारी लडका मुठभेड में मारा गया। यह घटना मनसे प्रमुख राज ठाकरे ने दस महिने पहले सुपरस्टार अमिताभ बच्चन के सामने जो गाली-गलौच की उसका परिणाम है। राज ठाकरे ने अपनी वोट बैंक को मजबूत बनाने के चक्कर में महाराष्ट्रवाद का झंडा लेकर उत्तर भारतीयों को गालियां देना शुरु किया और उनके पीछे-पीछे महाराष्ट्रीयनों का एक समूह भी जुड गया। शुरुआत में यह हमला मर्यादित था और उस वक्त एकाद हफ्ते बाद महाराष्ट्र पुलिस ने राज ठाकरे को अंदर कर दिया बाद में राज ठंडा हो गया तब ऐसा लग रहा था कि मामला शांत हो जायेगा लेकिन वहीं रेलवे बोर्ड की परीक्षा देने आए बिहारियों पर हमला हुआ और ज्वालामुखी भडक उठी। इस हमले के बाद चुप्पी साधे बैठे बिहारी भी मैदान में आ गये और उसके बाद ज्वालामुखी ने विराट स्वरुप ले लिया उसे देखते हुए लगता है कि यह मामला अब जल्द शांत होनेवाला नहीं है।
इन उत्तर भारतीयों के खिलाफ महाराष्ट्रीयनों की खींचतान में २७ अक्टूबर को जो हुआ यह हमारी आंखें खोलने के लिए काफी है। रेलवे बोर्ड की परीक्षा देने आये बिहारियों पर हमला हुआ उसके बाद बिहारियों का खून खौल उठा है और अभी वे जोश में है। इस जोश में राहुल राज नामक एक बिहारी विद्यार्थी पिस्तोल लेकर मुंबई आया। गत २६ अक्टूबर को वह पिस्तोल लेकर कुर्ला पहुंचा और बेस्ट की डबल डेकर बस में चढा। बस में कंडक्टर ने टिकट मांगी और उसके साथ ही राहुल जोश में आ गया और उसने कंडक्टर के सामने पिस्तोल ताक दी। पिस्तोल देख कंडक्टर भडक उठा और लोगों का डरना स्वाभाविक था।
मिनटों में पूरी बस खाली हो गई और राहुल अकेला बस में बैठा रहा। इस तमाशे को देखने के लिए बस के इर्द-गिर्द लोगों की भीड जमने लगी और भीड देख राहुल जोश में आ गया। उसने राज ठाकरे के खिलाफ नारेबाजी शुरु की और राज ठाकरे को जो संदेश देना चाहता था उसकी घोषणा कर दी। हमारे यहां सामान्य तौर पर पुलिस ऐसी कोई वारदात के बाद आती है लेकिन यहां वक्त पर आ गई और पुलिस ने राहुल को चेतावनी दी। चूंकि राहुल ने चेतावनी नहीं मानी और सामने गोली चलाई इसलिए पुलिस को गोली चलानी पडी जिसमें राहुल की मौत हो गई। यह कहानी पुलिस के मुताबिक है। लेकिन राहुल के लिए जिन लोगों के दिल में हमदर्दी है वे कुछ ओर ही कह रहे है। उनके मुताबिक राहुल ने किसी को चोट नहीं पहुंचाया और ना ही उसका इरादा किसी को मारने का था। वह तो सिर्फ अपना विरोध दिखाना चाहता था और इसलिए उसने यह अनोखा रास्ता चुना लेकिन मुंबई पुलिस में भी सभी राज ठाकरे जैसी सोचवाले है इसलिए एक बिहारी को गोली मारने का इससे अच्छा मौका नहीं मिलता सो उन्होंने राहुल को गोली मार दी। पुलिस चाहती तो राहुल को पकड सकती थी लेकिन पुलिस को राहुल को पकडने में नहीं मारने में दिलचस्पी थी इसलिए उन्होंने उसे पकडने की कोशिश तक नहीं की। ऐसा राहुल के लिए जिन्हें हमदर्दी है वे लोग कह रहे है और यह गलत भी नहीं है। टीवी पर इस वारदात का जो क्लिपिंग्स दिखाया गया है उसे देखते हुए लगता है कि पुलिस ने थोडी इन्सानियत दिखाकर बल के बजाय अक्ल से काम लिया होता तो राहुल मारा न जाता। राहुल बस में अकेला था और वह कोई आतंकवादी नहीं था कि गोली चलाये और किसी को भी मौत के घाट उतार दे। उसके पास पिस्तोल थी लेकिन उसे पिस्तोल चलाना आता था या नहीं यह भी एक सवाल है। ऐसी स्थिति में पुलिस उसे घेरकर अक्ल से काम ले सकती थी। राहुल के लिए जिन्हें हमदर्दी है वे लोग इस तरह सही है।
एक जवान लडका इस तरह छोटे से अपराध के लिए पुलिस की गोली खाकर बेमौत मारा जाये यह बडे शर्म की बात तो है लेकिन उससे ज्यादा तो हमारी आंखे खोलने वाली है। राज ठाकरे या दूसरा कोई भी राजनेता अपने तुच्छ स्वार्थ के लिए कोई भी तमाशा खडा करे और उनके सामने राज जैसे नेता अपने स्वार्थ के लिए कुछ भी करे लेकिन सवाल यह है कि इनकी वजह से आम जनता को भडकने की क्या जरुरत है? पुलिस इस मामले निश्चित ही अक्ल से काम ले सकती थी लेकिन बजाय इसके अगर राहुल पिस्तोल लेकर ही ना गया होता और ना ही यह तमाशा खडा करता और ना ही उसकी जान जाती। राहुल ने नेताओं के बहकावे में आकर हीरो बनने की कोशिश की और उसकी किंमत उसे जान गंवाकर चुकानी पडी। इसके लिए किसीको दोष देना भी ठीक नहीं है। राज ठाकरे जो तमाशा कर रहे है वह एकदम बकवास है उसे बर्दाश्त नहीं किया जा सकता। लेकिन राज की इस नौटंकी को बंद करने के लिए महाराष्ट्र सरकार बैठी है और उससे जो बन सकता है वह कर रही है। राहुल या अन्य किसीको राज ठाकरे को संदेश देने या पाठ पढाने के लिए मुंबई आने की क्या जरुरत है? राज को संदेश देना है तो उसके लिए दूसरे हजार रास्ते है लेकिन हाथ में पिस्तोल लेकर निकल पडो और लोगों को डराओ यह रास्ता ठीक नहीं। राज ठाकरे और उनके गुंडे यही काम करते है। और उनके सामने आप भी वहीं करोगे तो उनमें और आप में क्या फर्क रह जायेगा? गुंडागर्दी कर किसीकी हमदर्दी नहीं ली जा सकती और ना ही विरोध प्रदर्शित होता है।
मुंबई में कांग्रेस और एनसीपी की सरकार है। गृहमंत्री आर.आर.पाटिल ने इस मुठभेड के बाद साफ शब्दों में कहा है कि पुलिस ने जो किया बिल्कुल सही है। कांग्रेस इस मामले क्या रवैया अपनाती है यह ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है। गुजरात में पुलिस ने आतंकवादियों के साथ संलग्न शोहराबुद्दीन नामक एक गेंगस्टर को उडा दिया उस मामले पर कांग्रेस ने पूरे देश में उधम मचा दिया। मुंबई में पुलिस ने जिसे उडाया वह आतंकवादी भी नहीं है ना ही गेंगस्टर है। पुलिस उसे आसानी से पकड सकती थी। लेकिन पुलिस ने उसे उडा दिया और उनकी ही सरकार के गृहमंत्री उसका खुलेआम बचाव कर रहे है। शोहराबुद्दीन के एन्काउन्टर के मामले में गुजरात सरकार का इस्तीफा मांगने वाली कांग्रेस के लिए यह अग्नि परीक्षा की घडी है।
इस मामले राजनीति शुरु हो गई है। एक ओर एनसीपी है तो दूसरी ओर बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नीतिश कुमार की पार्टी जनता दल (यु) है। बिहार की दूसरी पार्टियों को न चाहते हुए भी नीतिश के साथ रहना पडेगा क्योंकि सवाल वोट बैंक का है। चूंकि इस घटनाक्रम से सबसे ज्यादा खुश राज ठाकरे है। क्योंकि उन्होंने जिस मकसद से उत्तर भारतीयों के विरोध में विवाद छेडा था वह मकसद आखिरकार सफल होता दिख रहा है। राज को और कितना खुश करना है यह उत्तर भारतीयों और महाष्ट्रीयनों के हाथ में है।
जय हिंद

Monday, October 20, 2008

यह अचानक क्या हुआ ?

Posted by Jayshree varma

जमाना तो नहीं बदला लेकिन कांग्रेस जरुर बदल गई है। जी हां ! दिल्ली में गत महिने हुए बम ब्लास्ट के बाद दिल्ली के जामिया नगर में स्थित बाटला हाउस नामक मकान में हुए एन्काउन्टर के मामले शुरु हुई राजनीति में गर्मी आ गई है। अब तक तो समाजवादी पार्टी और उनके जैसे दंभी सांप्रदायिक और वोट बैंक के लिए मुसलमानों के सामने मुजरा करने में जिन्हें जर्रा सी भी शर्म नहीं आती ऐसी जमात ही इस मामले पर हो-हल्ला मचा रही थी लेकिन शनिवार को कांग्रेस भी बडी बेशर्मी के साथ इस राजनीति में शामिल हो गई इसके साथ ही इस मामले में एक जबरदस्त मोड आ गया है।
जामिया नगर के बाटला हाउस में एन्काउन्टर हुआ.... पुलिस ने दो आतंकवादियों को मार गिराया और दो को दबोचा ठीक उसके दूसरे दिन एक टीवी चैनल ने कह दिया कि यह एन्काउन्टर नकली था और पुलिस ने एकदम बेकसूर मुस्लिम युवकों को मार गिराया। इस टीवी चैनल ने ऐसा दावा भी किया था कि इस एन्काउन्टर में शहीद हुए मोहनचंद शर्मा वास्तव में पुलिस की गोली का शिकार हुए है। हमारे यहां टीवी चैनलों के बीच टीआरपी बढाने की जबरदस्त प्रतिस्पर्धा चलती है इसलिए यह लोग कुछ भी कर बैठते है। इस चैनल ने भी वही किया लेकिन इसकी वजह से समाजवादी पार्टी को अच्छा-खासा मौका मिल गया और इसने इस मामले पर हो-हल्ला मचाना शुरु कर दिया। अमर सिंह इन सबमें सबसे पहली श्रेणी में आते है। क्योंकि वे मुलायम सिंह के खास भरोसेमंद है। अमर सिंह ने अपना नाटक जमाया और उनके पीछे-पीछे वामपंथी भी जुड गये बाद में बंगाल में से टाटा को भगाने के बाद बेकार बैठी ममता भी इसमें जुड गई। बची कसर को अमरसिंह ने शुक्रवार को जामिया नगर में बाटला हाउस में सार्वजनिक सभा का आयोजन कर पूरी कर दी। इस सभा में मुसलमानों की बडी संख्या देख कांग्रेस के होश उड गये। दिल्ली में दो महिने बाद विधानसभा चुनाव होने है बाद में चार-पांच महिने बाद लोकसभा चुनाव भी है ऐसी स्थिति में अगर मुसलमान नाराज हो जाये तो कांग्रेस का राम नाम सत्य हो जाये ऐसा सोचकर कांग्रेस भी इस मामले में आगे आई। और ताबडतोब शनिवार को ही अपने मुस्लिम नेताओं को आगे कर इस एन्काउन्टर के मामले ज्युडिशियल इन्कवायरी की मांग कर डाली। कांग्रेस के अल्पसंख्यक नेताओं के प्रतिनिधिमंडल ने प्रधानमंत्री से मिलकर इस एन्काउन्टर के मामले ज्युडिशियल इन्कवायरी की मांग की है और अभी केन्द्र में कांग्रेस की सरकार है इसे देखते हुए इसमें दो राय नहीं की इस मांग का स्वीकार होगा। कांग्रेस ने अमर सिंह या ममता की तरह यह एन्काउन्टर नकली था ऐसा नहीं कहा है लेकिन ऐसा कहने की जरुरत भी नहीं है। और अगर कांग्रेस ऐसा कह दे कि यह एन्काउन्टर नकली था तो उसके विरोधी बाकायदा कांग्रेस को शिकंजे में लेंगे और कांग्रेस के शासन में मुसलमानों का एन्काउन्टर होता है ऐसा हल्ला मचा देंगे इसलिए कांग्रेस सीधे नहीं कह सकती लेकिन ज्युडिशियल इन्कवायरी की मांग का मतलब साफ है कि इस एन्काउन्टर में कुछ तो गलत है।
कांग्रेस ने खुद सामने से जांच की घोषणा करने के बजाय अपने कांग्रेसी अल्पसंख्यक नेताओं के प्रतिनिधिमंडल को आगे कर इस एन्काउन्टर के मामले जांच की मांग क्यों की? यह समझने जैसी बात है। इस मामले अमर सिंह मंडली ने हो-हल्ला मचाया उसके बाद कांग्रेस ने शुरु में उनकी बात नहीं सुनी। अमर सिंह का नाटक बढा उसके बाद कांग्रेस ने स्पष्टता की कि इस एन्काउन्टर के मामले किसी भी प्रकार की जांच का सवाल ही नहीं उठता और अब जो होगा अदालत में होगा। इस रवैये को दाद देने जैसा था। चूंकि सामने कांग्रेस में भी अर्जुन सिंह जैसे कुछेक नेता ऐसे थे जो अमर सिंह के सूर में सूर मिला रहे थे लेकिन उस समय कांग्रेस ने उनकी आवाज दबा दी थी। अब दिल्ली में अमर सिंह ने सभा संबोधित की उसके बाद कांग्रेसी डर गये लेकिन पहले कांग्रेस ने कहा था कि ज्युडिशियल इन्कवायरी नहीं होगी तो फिर सामने से जांच की घोषणा नहीं की जा सकती इसलिए उसने अपने कांग्रेसी अल्पसंख्यक विभाग के प्रतिनिधिमंडल में शामिल नेताओं को आगे कर इस एन्काउन्टर के मामले ज्युडिशियल इन्कवायरी की मांग करा दी।
कांग्रेस की यह मांग आघात जनक है। आघात इस बात का नहीं कि कांग्रेस ने यह मांग क्यों की क्योंकि कांग्रेस से दूसरी कोई उम्मीद भी नहीं की जा सकती। दु:ख तो हमारे यहां वोट बैंक के लिए नेता कितनी हद तक गिर सकते है यह देखकर होता है। अमर सिंह मंडली के लिए मुसलमान माई-बाप है और उनकी राजनीति की दुकान भी उन पर ही चलती है इसलिए यह लोग ऐसे मौके की तलाश में ही रहते है लेकिन कांग्रेस को ऐसा क्यों करना पडा यह समझ में नहीं आ रहा। केन्द्र में कांग्रेस की सरकार है और दिल्ली पुलिस सीधे उनकी हूकुमत में आती है उसे देखते हुए अगर कांग्रेस को लगता है कि इस एन्काउन्टर में कुछ गलत हुआ है तो उसे तुरंत उन जिम्मेदार अधिकारियों को घर रवाना कर देना चाहिए। भला ऐसा करने से उसे कौन रोक सकता है। यह उसकी हूकुमत में आता है लेकिन कांग्रेस ऐसा नहीं करती क्योंकि उसे दोनों हाथों से लड्डू खाना है। एक ओर वह आतंकवाद के सामने लडने में आक्रामक तेवर अपना रही है और इस मामले में किसी को छोडना नहीं चाहती वहीं दूसरी ओर मुसलमानों को नाराज करने को भी तैयार नहीं है। कांग्रेस को डर है कि यह एन्काउन्टर नकली था और पुलिस ने बेकसूर मुसलमानों को मार गिराया ऐसा कह दो-चार पुलिसवालों को घर भगा दे या मोहनचंद शर्मा की शहादत पर दाग लगाये तो हिन्दू भडक उठेंगे और भाजपा को एक अच्छा खासा मुद्दा मिल जायेगा वहीं दूसरी ओर अगर अमरसिंह और ममता को आगे बढने दे तो यह लोग मुस्लिम वोट बैंक हजम कर लेंगे। उसे यह दोनों चाहिए। इसलिए यह बीच का रास्ता चुना गया। एक ओर ज्युडिशियल इन्कवायरी का नाटक चलें और दूसरी ओर चुनाव से भी निपटा जायें। भला कांग्रेसियों को कौन समझाये कि यह नामुमकिन है। इसमें तो कांग्रेस की हालत धोबी का कुत्ता न घर का न घाट का जैसी हो जायेगी।
कांग्रेस और अमरसिंह या ममता चाहे राजनीति खेलें लेकिन सवाल नैतिकता का है। यह लोग जो कह रहे है उसके समर्थन में उनके पास कोई सुबूत नहीं है। पुलिस ने जो एन्काउन्टर किया वह सुबह के उजाले में किया और उसमें एक पुलिस अधिकारी शहीद हुआ। इस एन्काउन्टर में शक की कोई गुंजाइश नहीं है फिर भी इसे शक के दायरे में खींच कर राजनीति खेली जा रही है। अब इससे ज्यादा मैं क्या कहूं ?
जय हिंद


हम इस विषय पर अपना विचार प्रस्तुत करने वाले सभी साथियों का आहवान करते है कि वे इस ब्लाग में बतौर ब्लाग लेखक शामिल होवें एवं देश में यत्र तत्र सर्वत्र फैले इन मैकबैथों के चरित्रों से आस्था रूपी धूल को झाडे और उन्हें बेनकाब करें ! इस कम्‍यूनिटी ब्‍लाग की सदस्‍यता के लिये एवं इसमें लेख प्रकाशित करने के लिए हमें मेल करें -